My quilting machine.... and my Ethos

Many people have asked me what Long Arm machine I use....

I don't!  I have nothing against Long Arm Quilting, I just don't think  I want to do it.  When I make a quilt I spend hours and hours designing, piecing, un-piecing, contemplating, un-piecing, re-piecing, thinking and finally - it's finished.  I have hand-machine made my quilt top.  I did it.  It's individual.

And now it needs quilting.

We live in an incredibly busy world these days.  A hundred years ago during the year I would have made countless quilt tops - TOPS - not quilts.  Then I would have got together with my friends and we would have quilted them.  This was a quilting bee.  Mine, yours, hers, the neighbour from 6 farms down; together.  Each quilt was individually made and individually quilted.  OK, so we don't generally do quilting bee's anymore, which is really sad.  But why would I want someone to take my quilt top that I spent many many hours making, roll it onto their long arm machine rollers, get their laser thingy-bobby out, and follow a plastic pantograph template???  I don't want my quilting to look like Jennifer's yesterday, or Julia's from last week!  I spent hours making my quilt individual

I want my quilting to sing.  No-one has ever made a quilt-top like mine, even if I have followed a pattern.  It is not possible to totally replicate some-one else's work, although we all try really hard.  Our stitches vary, our piecing may be 'out' here and there, our colour choices all contribute to our - yep, you guessed it- individuality!

And so, I choose Custom Quilting, not pantograph long arm quilting.

 My beloved Juki
 Yep - She's a DOMESTIC Machine!
The view from my quilting space.

You poured hours of Love into your quilt, and so I give it back to you:  from the Heart of My Home.

If I ever choose to Long Arm Quilt- IF- I will ONLY custom quilt, no pantographs here.

Rachelle x

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