Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yellow Monkey's

I'm sorry I've been a bit quiet recently.  I have been busy working, trust me!  I simply haven't had the chance to update, so here are some pictures of one of the quilts I've finished recently.

The quilt pre-quilting.  Gorgeous colours!
After quilting.  The movement in the blocks close up is amazing...  check out the pictures of the back!

You spin me right round, baby right round like a record player.......

The backing was a pieced yellow and blues to complement the front.  The yellow quilting showed up so well on the blue backing!

A close up of the swirling design in the blue Monkey Wrenches

I love the borders.  Sadly it's not as clear to see in the pictures as it is on the actual quilt.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Coralee's Baby Quilt

This weekend I've had lots of fun quilting this little beauty for Coralee.

A blurry photo of the quilt prior to quilting.  Coralee didn't want any quilting in the stitchery panels.
The finished quilt.  I used the inner sashings to frame the stitcheries.  I filled the rest of the quilt with a lovely gender neutral paisley echo.

A close up of the frames and paisley...

I washed out the colour so that you can see the quilting on the reverse of the quilt.  It is actually a lovely bright green colour.  Yummy!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Anne's Owl Queen Sized Quilt

Sometimes a quilt comes along, and I just don't want to let it go home!  I loved everything about this quilt!!! 

Before I go any further, a few people have started asking how long did it take, how much thread etc, so I am going to start answering those questions - ready?

Time - 32 hours
Thread - a little over 2000yds of Isacord 40 (colour A5871) for the top and about 25 bobbins of Superior Thread (colour 153 Parchment)

The quilt arrived with this gorgeous bright red backing - and the quilt top was white....   Huummmmmm.  SO I decided that I needed to check out the colour fastness of the backing before I went any further.  This picture was taken only 5 minutes after the fabric had been in the water: You should have seen it after an hour, it was like blood!

So an emergency Sunday trip to obtain a different backing - with one request from Anne (She has a really important job and just couldnt get away to shop herself so I said I would) "It must be spotty" - Riiighht!

 So with backing in hand, I could commence.  Perhaps I should say that this is 17 days before Christmas and yep- the quilt was to be a Christmas Gift!  Here's a photo of the quilt top.  Anne designs all of her quilts herself and they are just beautiful.  This time she left huge blank panels, and I got one instruction "do your thang!"  (Im sorry about the awful photos...  I'm waiting for my handyman, AKA Father dear, to come and put up my photo line outside again)

Quilters come in many shapes, sizes and levels of expertise.  And from all makes and models, I can receive 'friendly borders' - that  is, borders that wave at you!  Basically this happens when you take a long strip of fabric and sew it along the seam and chop off what isnt needed.  In essence, your border is too long.  It is far better to measure the length needed (and preferably  in the very centre of the quilt) and use pins and easing.  This will ensure that your border sections fit properly.

This picture is of me unpicking seams cutting off the extra fabric and sewing the seams back together again.  You can see the overlap from the red fabric underneath - a whole inch in places!

I chose to quilt a tight paisley in the large border panels.  I always think that Paisley looks like leaves (very fitting for this quilt) and also can look a bit like feathers (perhaps if you screw up your eyes??)

The borders were separated by inch strips of bright fabric, so each one received a different quilting pattern.....

The simple quilting gives your eyes a place to rest.

The center of the quilt was a gorgeous tree filled with owls.  I echoed the owls and used a really dense filler.  This filler  is so useful!  It gives movement to a quilt - don't you think?

Meanwhile the center medallion was surrounded by a simple pieced border.  I cross hatched this one, nice a simple but really effective.

And so, it was finished, on the 15th no less! (I promised by the 17th).  As I have no photo line outside (blame Dad)  I took photos on my bed.  As you can see this is a queen sized quilt.

 Did I mention how much I loved this quilt??????

I loved playing around with different angels to take photos.  I am NOT a photographer, but I think you can really see the quilting in this photo.
As I was playing with the photos I flipped the quilt.  I used Parchment coloured Superior Threads pre filled bobbins  and it looked great on the cream spot backing.
I think this is my FAVOURITE photo!!!  Ever!!  Because I only used a single colour on the reverse, it's a wholecloth quilt :)
Actually, this might be my favourite photo.......  I really loved this quilt~!  I wish someone would make one for me!