Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shirley's Circle's Quilt

I try to come up with some inventive names when I'm quilting: I find that this helps guide the other side of my brain while the quilting side is working.  Actually, I come up with all sorts of mindless chatter to keep my brain working!

Most often I play a DVD or listen to an audio book.  I often just tune out and use it as white noise, but regardless, it still works to occupy the other side of my brain.  That's the side that says, Rachelle, you haven't washed up yet, or Rachelle, the dogs need to be walked, or Rachelle you need to feed the children!

I have been listening to many classic books recently. have thousands of free audio books that you can download onto wither your pc/mac or iphone/ipod.  Ive listened to Vanity Fair, Wuthering Heights, Doctor Doolittle, The adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Carmilla to name only a few.  I love being able to listen to these wonderful old stories!

Anyway, back to Shirley's quilt.  Shirley wanted circles, lots and lots of circles.....

That's lots of circles!

Sometimes when you're quilting, a secondary design appears.....

When the centre circles were micro stippled, lovely diamonds appeared in the middle :)

Here's the finished quilt.

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