Monday, November 19, 2012

Gael's Christmas Swop Quilt

Before quilting
 This weekend I have been MADLY trying to get on top of some customer quilts (all needed before Christmas of course!), as well as teaching at Button Tree Quilts.  This is Gael's quilt.
After quilting - an overall perspective
 Unfortunately, my standard photo spot was not available, so my photos are not as clear or sharp as usual - so sorry!
The border - I wanted to emphasise the block pattern on the borders.

Another all-over pho
 I really, really enjoyed working on Gael's Quilt!  Now all we have to do is keep it a secret from.  ******* :)
The sashings.  As the piecing was angular in nature, I thought it would be great to do some angular patterns in the sashings.  I think it works :)
Happy Piecing!!!


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