Monday, October 29, 2012

Kylie's Quilt

Recently I've been busy (really busy and way too busy to post). Kylie had asked me to quilt her quilt for her, and then needed it 3 weeks earlier than expected... Oops!!

Anyway. This beautiful quilt is Kylie's first, and its a 21st birthday gift for her daughter. I don't think Kylie would mind me saying that she learned a few lessons while making this quilt.

The most important lesson She learned was the importance of using good quality quilters cotton fabrics. The fabrics used in this quilt were, silk, polyesters, upholstery cotton and quilters cottons- everything moved and stretched independently!!! Arrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!! When you buy your fabric from your local quilting shop you know that you are going to purchase first class supplies. Whilst it is enjoyable rummaging around in 2nd hand shops, imagining that we are like our forebearers, using whatever scraps are at hand, we have the benefit of excellent supplies- so go forth and use them!

Kylie's other learned lesson was about correctly pressing the seams and she pieced. I have attached a link to a document that explains this technique much clearer than I can. Pressing your seams correctly makes for a much more enjoyable experience for your quilter- trust me!

Ok we'll that's all for now.

Happy piecing!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Making a quilt for a poorly nephew

What do you do when your nephew is poorly?  Make him a  quilt of course!  My gorgeous nephew is besotted with Thomas The Tank Engine, so I made him a quick train quilt.  I wanted something that would double as a bed or a floor play quilt.  so....

I took 1 yard of this fabric

 added some borders (1 yard of each - the red cut at 3 inches and the black at 6 inches)..

and finally, a heap of random stippling before sewing on a binding!

A perfect quilt to play trains, cars, trucks or to sleep under.

I know he will love it!

Happy piecing

Rachelle x